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Floral Scents

Our Floral fragrances range from delicate and subtle to heady and powerful. Refreshing, clean and crisp, these fragrances are perfect for a wide range of environments.



Airy is a scent which opens with a sparkling green wet floral texture of natural white flowers wrapped with a creamy nuance of milk. Notes of amber and wood provide a warm contrast, texture and elegance all softened with a touch of musk.

fresh clean

Fresh Clean

The smell of fresh air, tinged with sweet orange and honeysuckle. This simple fragrance is bright and refreshing, and creates a clean and crisp atmosphere. Strong odor neutralizer with a light scent. Orange notes reduce anxiety and are considered uplifting.

fresh cotton

Fresh Cotton

The smell of freshly laundered linen with subtle hints of almond. Clean, soft, soothing. Almond notes are very popular, rejuvenating, and gourmand-like which makes this fragrance homey and comforting.

ginger lily

Ginger Lily

Known as the "garland flower" and popular for its sweet and enchanting smell, Ginger Lily has its roots in the tropical regions of Asia. It is often called upon to refresh and renew. Wet dew, White Champaca and Laelia Orchid blossoms round out this delightful fragrance.

green tea

Green Tea

Floral notes of jasmine, muguet and rose create the signature tea aroma, which is brightened with the freshness of lemon, orange and cassis. A soft easy-going scent for customers wishing a lighter choice!

lotus flower

Lotus Flower

A refreshingly clean bouquet of lotus blossoms, delicate muguet, and green ivy over hints of cedar and moss. Infuse calmness into your environment with this lush, water lily scent.

magical garden

Magic Garden

A floral oasis of dewy petals that awakens one’s senses! Captures the beauty of fresh Water Lily, Jasmine and Muguet laden with dew and green notes, adding a sparkling natural effervescence. Modern, capturing the beauty of flowers as they float in the air.

summer blossom

Summer Blossom

A floral bouquet of garden rose, blue hydrangea, blue hyacinth, and night blooming jasmine made subtle and ozonic by purple musk and freshened with pink grapefruit.

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