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Interior Landscaping Services

We rent a wide range of plants and containers to businesses. We then service the plants regularly to ensure they are always healthy and looked after. Our service team take pride in the work they do and develop great relationships with all of their clients.

From single office plants in containers through to lavish plant displays in offices, hotels and other large spaces, we give your company the perfect makeover through well-designed interior landscaping. In doing so, we make you, your employees and your customers feel great. 

But did you know that the effects go even further? Find out more about the benefits of plants.

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What To Expect?

Our interior landscape designers specialise in choosing plants, containers and accessories to fit the space, lighting and ambience of every office to create amazing interior landscapes that will stand the test of time.

We also have many years' experience of designing a wide variety of large-scale indoor plant exhibits. Our knowledge and expertise help ensure that your large-scale projects are safe in our hands. Working closely with your architects and designers, we will project manage, source and install. See our case studies on how we provide innovative solutions for our clients.

What plant design services do we provide?

From reception areas to commercial atriums, Ambius plant displays help to create a welcoming environment that offers a long-lasting positive impression on all guests, visitors and customers.

Foliage and greenery used in plant displays and living walls can brighten up dark buildings and add a splash of colour and vitality to bland walls, and provide passers-by with a new sensory experience. No matter your location, Ambius provides a nationwide interior plant design service. To learn more about your branch, please visit our branches page.