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Grounds Maintenance Services

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We have a wealth of experience in providing commercial grounds maintenance and grounds management services for all types of businesses. Our knowledge and expertise ensure your business will always be in the expert hands of one of our professional landscapers.

We offer a variety of grounds maintenance and landscaping service packages to suit your exact needs. Whether you have a large open space that just requires occasional maintenance or a fully landscaped entrance that needs more regular upkeep, we can help.

Lawn Care & Grass Cutting Services

At Ambius, we understand that it’s difficult to keep a commercial property looking good all the time. This is why we provide specialist lawn maintenance services to all types of businesses! Because each lawn is unique, we carefully assess your lawn to help us completely understand what it needs and the amount of grass cutting, fertiliser or weed control required. Our experts will regularly perform high quality mowing in order to keep your garden looking pristine, all year round. 

Shrub & Hedge Maintenance

Both large hedges and single shrubs can grow out of control and lose shape quite quickly. If you want a beautiful landscape, you need to have ongoing maintenance and seasonal hedge cutting. Ambius can provide a commercial hedge trimming service so you don't have to worry about your hedges, shrubs and gardens not looking their very best.

Soft & Hard Landscaping

Creating a beautifully landscaped commercial space isn't easy. But if it’s done right, it can create the perfect impression on your staff and customers. Whether it's trees, bedding, shrubbery or water features, we have an experienced exterior landscaping team that can design, build and provide on-going maintenance to keep your business's landscape looking vibrant and groomed.

Tree Care & Tree Management Services

Here at Ambius we care deeply for trees. We are committed to keeping trees healthy and thriving. We expertly maintain trees, no matter their size. We have trained tree surgeons who specialise in creating stunning treescapes and garden designs for all types of commercial properties. However, it doesn't stop at tree surgery! We also offer professional tree removal and tree management and even large tree planting projects to help your green surroundings really stand out.

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Our nationwide grounds maintenance coverage means we can offer a reliable and friendly service to all customers, large or small, throughout Ireland.

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