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Company History

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Company History

Ambius may be a new brand, but we’ve been around for a long time. Our parent company, Rentokil Initial, can trace its origins back over a century, although our part of the company has only been part of the organization since the 1980s.

Many of the businesses that have been acquired over the years that now constitute Ambius have been around for a long time as well. Many of our operations can trace their history back to the 1960s or even before - our Belgian business evolved from a family-run nursery that dates back several generations. Many of the people that worked for those companies still work for Ambius, and their combined experience of several hundred years means that Ambius has the greatest concentration of expertise and knowledge in the whole industry.

Rentokil Initial is one of the world’s largest business services companies, providing a wide range of services to customers in more than 50 countries. Best known for pest control and washroom hygiene services, the company also provides catering, parcels delivery, facilities management and cleaning services under a wide variety of brands. Ambius is the newest of those brands.

Whereas most of the rest of the services offered by Rentokil Initial are ‘behind the scenes’ in most buildings, ours is very much a visible service. In fact, our aim is to provide services that stimulate all of the senses and be apparent to anyone in or around a building.

Ambius operates in several countries in Europe and North America, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia.

More information about Rentokil Initial can be found at www.rentokil-initial.com.