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Whether we like it or not bad smells are a part of life and most people will choose to use air fresheners around their homes to mask everyday household odours. However, what happens when your business is affected by bad odours? Fewer customers who spend less time in your space and therefore generate less revenue.

Premium Scenting wall unit

Your business might be a hotel or casino with high usage toilet facilities close to public areas, or a gym or health club with an odour issue in the changing rooms. Pubs, clubs and restaurants have found that since the introduction of the smoking ban in the UK in 2007, odours that were once masked by cigarette smoke are now obvious to customers. Wherever the problem area and whatever the smell, Ambius Premium Scenting can solve problem odours.

Conventional aerosol air fresheners use heavy droplets that cover on average a ten foot square area for up to ten minutes. Ambius Premium Scenting uses micron-sized particles that are so light, they float and uniformly spread throughout the space. The particles are 1/50 the size of aerosols particles so the Premium Scenting system uses 1/125,000 as much liquid, making it far more economical than other commercial air fresheners.

Take a look at our Showcase to see how our clients are using Ambius Premium Scenting to enhance their business or if you've got any questions, please give us a call on 1890 269 269 or contact us online.

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