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Silk Flower Arrangements

Are you looking for an alternative to costly fresh flowers? Would you like summer blooms in winter? What about colour combinations that nature hasn’t quite been able to manage - combinations perhaps that match your corporate colours? No problem.

We can create fabulous silk flower displays using the best artificial flowers on the market, offered on a rental basis with periodic changes. This means that your silk flower arrangements can be creative displays that previously only existed in your imagination.

Not only that, your beautiful and unique silk flower arrangements don’t require the constant maintenance and replacement that real flowers do. Just a spot of regular cleaning will see your flowers always looking their stunning best.

And perhaps best of all, our qualified and highly skilled florists will ensure that your silk flower arrangements look and feel as good as the real thing.

Handmade Silk Flowers Displays

Our florists create stunning floral designs by hand and are made to order, so you can be sure every effort has gone into making silk flower displays that are bespoke, clean and fresh.

You would have to feel our silk flower arrangements to be sure they're not real... and sometimes even then it’s hard to tell.

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