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Artificial Hanging Baskets

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Artificial Hanging Baskets

No need for regular maintenance!

Looking for hanging baskets that will remain vigorous and fresh all year round? Then our artificial hanging baskets are the best option. We have an amazing range of artificial flowers that our team use to create wonderful artificial hanging basket designs that will attract and thrill your customers.

Benefits of Artificial Hanging Baskets

Professional looking entrances and grounds will help you to engage your customers and shows that your company takes pride in its appearance.

  • Winter hanging baskets will look fresh over the Christmas period

  • No need for constant maintenance or replacements

  • Can be hung from brackets or placed in our versatile troughs


We use the best replica flowers and plants in all of our artificial hanging baskets; you'll be amazed at how real they actually look!

Service Visits

Service visits are less frequent for artificial hanging baskets due to the little maintenance they require. If you wish to change your winter hanging baskets for our live, summer option we will be happy to accommodate you.

How can we help?

Our artificial hanging baskets can give your commercial property the look it needs, whatever type of business you own. Give us a call today on +35315748609 or get a free online quote.