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Hotel Ambience

The client was looking to enhance their main footfall areas of the hotel to create a welcoming, relaxing and luxurious ambience for their guests. The main areas we focused on was the main entrance reception, entrance to the restaurant and the bar/lounge section.

For the reception we decided on our marble 'geo' planters to enhance the hotels luxurious interior structure and compliment the neutral colour palette. Agreeing on our 'welcome' planters, that feature the word 'welcome' in more than ten different languages, at the entrance to their restaurant, we were able to design an inviting ambience that would appeal to guests of different nationalities.

Lastly, for the bar and lounge area, we re-planted and re-positioned the customer's own containers with a mixture of ficus, kentia and yucca's to create an exotic interior jungle. With this section of the hotel having a glass exterior, it provides the perfect environment for these high light species to thrive. Scattering them inbetween main seating areas produces a relaxing habitat and allows the guests of the hotel to feel at one with nature, whilst enjoying a refreshing beverage or afternoon tea. By featuring aspects of nature inside, it in turn provides a perfect alternative to dining outside, during winter climates.

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