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Follow Your Nose

Because of evolution, our brains are trained to react to stimuli from many sources. Our senses, working together, tell us everything we need to know about our environment. But what happens when we’re in a sterile environment, such as a modern building? Some of our senses are deprived of stimulus. One of those senses is the sense of smell, which we know is one of the strongest and primitive senses we have.

Recent years have seen a rise in the use of fragrances in buildings, especially in areas of passing occupancy such as lobbies, lounges and corridors.

New technology has aided this trend, by nebulising fragrance oils into the atmosphere without the use of solvents. This makes them more suitable than aerosols or systems relying on the evaporation of fragrance oils.

These ambient scenting systems can deliver subtle, natural odours into a space to add an extra dimension to our sensory experience. When combined with all of the other elements of biophilia-inspired interior landscaping, fragrances are an ideal way to rebuild our connections with the natural environment.

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