Living Plant Art in Hallway of building


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A Living, Breathing Painting

Ambius LivePicture is an exciting concept that brings together inspiring artwork and the natural beauty of indoor plants. Using live plants we can benefit from both the aesthetic and health benefits that plants bring.

Ambius LivePicture is a self-contained, wall-mounted plant display that can be used instead of traditional interior green walls. It perfectly complements the existing range of containers Ambius has to offer. If space is an issue, LivePicture will look just as stunning on its own.

Benefits of LivePicture

  • Perfect when space is at a minimum
  • Can be filled with a wide variety of plants
  • No plumbing or wiring required
  • No electricity needed

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Save Valuable Floor Space

Like traditional green walls, LivePicture is very popular for space-conscious customers. Many want to include plants in the workplace but don't have the floor space for traditional containers. LivePicture is the perfect solution!

A Unique Touch

These units are also Ideal for promoting your brand because any image or logo can be added to the frame. Concept artwork can be created for your approval prior to production. This technique is perfect for making a statement, or simply matching your interior design.


  • Available in four sizes sizes: 72 x 72 x 7 cm OR 112 x 72 x 7 cm OR 152 x 72 x 7 cm OR 192 x 72 x 7 cm
  • No plumbing or wiring required
  • Can be filled with a wide variety of plants - even mixed herbs for kitchens or restaurants
  • Frames can have a wrap applied with company branding or logos to fit in with surroundings
  • When used in array, they are significantly cheaper than traditional panel systems up to about 20 square metres in size
  • Plants are planted into modules that are watered through a capillary wick
  • The tank is refilled manually and, through a system of float valves, delivers water to the wick irrigation system as needed
  • Watering interval is 3-4 weeks minimum