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There’s no doubt scenting is changing the way that brands interact with their audience. Scent marketers, retailers, hotels and casinos are leading the way in which we as consumers, experience their brands.

There’s no gimmick involved, it’s simple; research shows that customers stay longer in pleasantly scented environments - and the longer people dwell in-store, the more likely they are to purchase.

In the hospitality sector, whether you’re a hotel or casino, the same rules apply, however it’s not just about dwell time but more about the guest experience. Of the 5 senses, smell is the most powerful trigger of emotions and if a hotel or casino can improve their guest experience through scent then it will create a positive and lasting impression, reinforcing the brand and strengthening customer loyalty.

What does your brand smell like?

More and more brands are now having unique scents created, from leading designer clothing labels to hotels and car manufacturers.

A signature or bespoke scent differentiates a brand from its competition. It’s unique and becomes part of the brand and allows consumers to experience the brand with all of their senses . When someone walks into a hotel or store they instantly recognise certain colours, style and décor that are part of that brand. Scenting is part of the overall experience.

Our Nose Knows

Signature Scents Raymond Matts

Former Vice-President of Estée Lauder Fragrances Worldwide, Raymond Matts is a world renowned ‘Nose’, creating leading fragrances for some of the world’s most exclusive perfumers, such as Estée Lauder, Clinique and Tommy Hilfiger.

Raymond is now working with Ambius’ scenting specialists to teach, create, innovate and inspire the use of scenting as a brand marketing tool. Described as a fragrance architect, Raymond has spent two decades understanding and creating fragrances to harmonise our senses and he’s now using his expertise to invite businesses to embrace brand scenting and not miss out on the opportunities ahead.

Together, Raymond Matts and Ambius can offer businesses a more sophisticated way to interact with customers. We can help businesses connect and engage with their customers, on a completely different level.

Create Your Scent

A signature scent can take weeks of consultation, design and testing to get it right and our specialists work hard to make it perfect for your brand. If you’re interested and would like to talk about a signature scent to enhance your brand please contact us to arrange a consultation.

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