Office Interior Design Services

Our design team knows that design always has a purpose, whether the mood is inspirational, expressive, provocative or stimulating. Whether choosing the best office plants or planning the landscaping for an entire shopping centre, our landscaping designers can create stunning landscapes, uplifting rooms or inspirational office plant displays while keeping exactly to the project brief.

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Not only do we design using plants, we also use a variety of other design techniques, including:

The Design Process

We use a complex online design tool that allows us to take pictures of the area we are designing for you and then to digitally add plants, containers and canvases to the design so you can see immediately how your finished design is going to look.

However involved you want to get, Ambius will always be here to advise you on plants and accessories that look wonderful - and that reflect your needs, the space in question and your organisation's image.

Call us now on 1890 269 269 or contact us online, to arrange a visit from one of our design consultants.

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Artificial Plants

Replica plants from Ambius UK

Be amazed how life-like our Artificial plants are

Office Plant Service

Image of Office Plant from Ambius UK

Beautifully maintained indoor plants for rental or purchase