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Celebrating National Plants at Work Week

National Plants at Work Week is taking place this year from 13th to 17th July and raises awareness of the benefits that plants can bring to office environments. Extensive research has found that having plants in the workplace can bring numerous benefits to employees. According to the ‘biophilia’ theory identified by the American biologist, Edward O. Wilson, plants can help clean the air, control temperature and create natural barriers to harmful airborne microbes. Noise levels can also be reduced by adding flora to desks, as well as making work environments look more visually attractive.

A 2014 study by the Journal of Experimental Psychology also found offices experienced further benefits from adopting a ‘green’ philosophy, rather than a ‘lean’ office devoid of plant life. Specifically, the research revealed that workers in green workspaces have a more positive orientation to their work environment, by proving that plants encouraged employees to feel better, be more creative and be more productive at work. Employee productivity was shown to increase by 15% in greener offices, while workplace satisfaction was boosted by up to 40%.

Kenneth Freeman, head of innovation at Ambius says, “NPWW is a great way to promote a healthy and green working environment. Bringing plants into the workplace can pay huge dividends in terms of wellbeing, attention span and creativity. It can also make a massive difference to businesses and help to improve both employee job satisfaction and their productivity.”