Acoustic Art - Sound Insulation

Introducing the Acoustic Collection: Corporate Artwork that reduces noise

Did you know that a recent study by the American Society of Interior Designers showed that as many as 70% of office workers believe that they could work more efficiently if their workspace were quieter?

Ambius Acoustic Art Installations

Ambius can help:

We have a product that is both attractive to look at and effective at deadening sound. Working with the renowned botanical photographer, Hugh Harkness, we now offer a range of beautiful images that are printed on a special material that can absorb as much as 95% of the sound hitting it (compare that with the 3 - 5% that is typical of a bare wall). The material used for our acoustic collection is light-weight, recyclable and fire-resistant.

The images, which come from our existing Plants on Canvas range, are available in two sizes: 60 cm x 60 cm or 120 cm x 120 cm and are finished with a narrow-profile aluminium frame. The images can also be tiled on to more than one acoustic panel to make an even bigger impact - imagine your favourite image on the wall in a giant 2.4 metre square.

You can even suspend the pictures from the ceiling to create the most aesthetically pleasing sound baffles you can imagine - ideal for large, open spaces.

We'd love to hear from you. For more information on the Acoustic Art Canvases, call 1890 269 269 to speak with our specialist team of consultants, or contact us online.

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Botanical Art

Image from the Ambius Decadent 2 range of corporate art

Affordable artwork for your workplace from Ambius