Frequently asked questions

Existing Customers

I have a query on an invoice. Who should I contact?

You should call a member of your dedicated branch team and they will be able to resolve your query. You can call your branch team on 1890 269 269.

I have placed an order with you and want to know when the delivery and installation will take place.

You should have been contacted directly by your account manager to confirm the date of delivery and installation. If you need to speak to someone to confirm or change the date then please call the delivery team on 1890 269 269.

How can I find out when our next service visit is?

Call us on 1890 269 269 and speak to a member of our team. Please have your account and contract number at hand. In the near future we will be launching a new website for our customers where they can view service history as well as when the next visits are due. Look out for Xtranet.

New Customers

What products and services does Ambius provide?

As well as supplying and maintaining interior plants, we also have a dedicated and skilled Exterior Landscaping team. Ambius not only provides plants, but also Christmas trees and decorations, artwork, replica plants, as well as ambient scenting, which our clients use for odour remediation and scent marketing.

We are a small organisation interested in indoor plants. Does Ambius only look after large companies?

Not at all. We have a very varied client list that ranges from small offices to large hotels and shopping centres. We can provide and maintain anything from a single planted desk bowl right up to huge palm trees. Our design consultants will discuss what is right for you and your space.

I would like to meet with one of the Ambius team to discuss interior landscaping for my organisation. Who do I speak to?

No problem. Call us on 1890 269 269 and speak to one of the team and we can arrange an appointment. You can also complete the online contact form.

Why don’t you have any prices on your website?

The reason is very simple. Our products and services are bespoke to you. If it’s live planting you require then the price depends on the container you choose, the colour and finish, the plant, the service frequency. Our design consultants will work with you to ensure you are happy with both design and costs.

What kind of service would Ambius deliver?

Ambius is global organization, but we service locally. We not only offer design solutions to enhance the working environment but the service we offer is second to none. Our team will ensure that your workspace is always looking vibrant. At Christmas time we will install and collect your decorations smoothly so you don’t have to worry about it. During the rest of the year we will ensure your plants are always looking lively, your artwork stands out and your hanging baskets welcome people into your building.

We work on approximately 13-17 visits per year or as when required to ensure our promise is fulfilled.

1890 269 269

Exterior Landscaping

Image showing the Yucca and Geranium Hanging Baskets from Ambius

Stunning replica hanging baskets to enhance your exterior

Ambius - Environmentally aware

Image representing Ambius and the environment

Taking steps to become a more sustainable organisation

Office Plant Service

Image of Office Plant from Ambius UK

Beautifully maintained indoor plants for rental or purchase